Monday, 16 June 2014

Birchbox Unboxing - June 2014

June 2014- Global Strikers

This months Birchbox had arrived before any other unboxing had hit the blogs, so I was completely in the dark as to what my fabulous box would contain. And my wasn't I pleased with the selection! This months theme was 'global strikers' based on products originating around the world, as Birchbox's take on the World Cup!

Embryolisse - Lait-Crème Conentré RRP from £12.99

This is a product that I have honestly never heard of in my life. It is apparently a 'cult French moisturiser' which can also be used as a mask. The sample size of this is TINY compared to most of the samples I have received through beauty boxes, which is a bit disappointing, but I'm sure I'll get at least 5 uses out of it. 

On opening the packet there is also a thin paper leaflet (a lot like those which come with medication), which is a bit odd, but I suppose it must be a French thing? (I could be wrong, it is just strange!), you also have to pierce the tube, which again I find a bit odd, but ah well.
Putting the cream on, it doesn't have any scent to it, it just smells a lot like plain cream, however, it does feel moisturising - if a bit greasy on.

To be honest, Im not really a fan of this product and don't think I would go out to buy it myself, it seems a bit greasy for my combination skin which is a shame and it is a rather small sample.

30ml RRP £12.99
5ml Sample Value £2.16

Trinity Rating 4/10

OPI Brazil Beach Sandies - Kiss Me I'm Brazilian Mini 4 Pack RRP £14.50

This product didn't come with its name, so by guessing through the Birchbox webpage, I'm assuming it is Kiss Me I'm Brazilian. I'm normally not a fan of receiving nail varnishes in beauty boxes, as I don't have much use for them (I cant have painted nails in hospital :( )

I quite like this mini nail varnish, it is a gorgeous hot pink colour and has a great 'sandy' texture. It a bit shimmery but not glittery and overpowering, which I like. Two to Three coats of this is best, as only 1 coat come out patchy. You can see my swatches of this via my Instagram

4x 3.75ml Mini Pack RRP £14.50
1 Sample Value £3.63

Trinity Rating 8/10

Naobay - Body Radiance Lotion RRP £14

This is another brand I have never heard of, however, unlike before, I really love this product! The sample size is decent also, which is good!

This lotion smells gorgeous! The scent is lovely an fresh - it reminds me a bit of homemade still lemonade! It also goes on fabulously! It soaks straight into my skin and does not leave that awful sticky feeling, whilst making your skin feel wonderful and hydrated. 

250ml RRP £14
30ml Sample value £1.68

Trinity Rating 10/10

Yves Rocher - Sheer Botanical Lipstick in Marron glace RRP £9.90

This is a brilliant lipstick! It is also a full size YAY!

 It is a fabulous sheer brown colour and applies very sheer, which I like - perfect for going into hospitals in! I really like how hydrating it feels on the lips too. Whilst I would have preferred a brighter colour, I really do like this lipstick! 

3.5g RRP £9.90
Sample Value £9.90

Trinity Rating 8/10

 Buy It Here

Beautyblender & Blendercleanser solid RRP £26.00

I have saved the best, and most exciting for last. I got a beauty blender!!!!! I was beyond happy when I noticed this in my box, I had been meaning to try this cult makeup sponge for ages, but hadn't gotten around to buying it yet.

It really does work brilliantly!! My foundation looks so natural, with no streaks or lines. It also helps me soften the edges of my bronzer and blush, which is great!! I was so glad that it lives up to the hype!! Also included is a blender cleanser, a produce designed to clean your beauty blender for you (making the product last even longer!)

Im not really sure how it compares sidewise with the original product, but I reckon its also full size YAY!

60ml RRP £26.00
Sample Value £26.00

Trinity Rating 10/10

Lifestyle Extra - Brazil Inspired Birchbox Flipflop Keyring

I thought this was a cute little lifestyle extra, my keychain now looks ready for the World Cup madness!

Birchbox Price : £10/month + 2.95 P&P (cheaper with longer subscriptions)
Birchbox Value: £43.37

Overall, I am really happy with the months Birchbox, and am excited to see what comes next month!!

If you fancy the look of the my Birchbox and want to subscribe, please follow my referral link here.* Also, if you join Birchox before the end of June, you will be entered into a prize draw to win a fabulous Benefit Hamper.

What do you think of my Birchbox? What is your favourite beauty box subscription? 



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Thursday, 12 June 2014

A Bit Of Rough - Review

A Bit of Rough*

A Bit of Rough* RRP £12

I was recently sent A Bit of Rough to review and I was so excited to use it that I took it out of its pretty organza bag packaging without taking a picture. However, the exfoliating cloth was sent rolled up and tied with black raffeta, encased in a pretty black organza bag, along with a useful little 'how to use' guide.

The exfoliating cloth was originally produced by a male waxing specialist as a product to reduce ingrown hairs after waxing. However, this cloth has so many more uses that that! It is a BRILLIANt exfoliator both on my body and my face! I was so worried that it would be too scratchy, but it is really quite gentle, despite exfoliating well. It can also be used to reduce steakiness when false tanning. 

The cloth is brilliant to use in the shower! All I do is squeeze a bit of my normal shower gel (currently Honey&Shea Butter by Original Source) and use A Bit of Rough as a normal washcloth. The cloth is quite long (so you can use it to clean your back easier), so I normally fold it in four to wash with. And out of the shower I come with fabulously soft, scale free skin!

Trinity's Score - 8/10


  • gives me wonderfully soft skin
  • not scratchy at all
  • great exfoliator
  • reduces ingrown hairs after shaving
  • dries quickly
  • lightweight


  • a bit too long in length for my uses, so I have to fold it up
  • seems a bit expensive for a wash cloth

Sold online at: A Bit of Rough

*I was sent this product for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions are my own.

A Long Time Coming!

Hello everyone!

Can you believe it's been almost a month since my last post?!?!

I'm sorry it's been so long, once again life and exams have overtaken my life! However, exams are once and for all over for this year and so back to blogging I come!

I have a couple of posts to come:

  • Review of 'A Little Bit of Rough'
  • Birchbox June Unboxing
  • Beauty Haul
  • Fashion Haul
  • Also a post on when I met up with the fabulous Nin of Pretty Pug
So!!! Keep an eye out - they are definitely coming!!!

Lots of Love